NEUTRON Model Suitable to Neutron Equivalent Armature No.
N-1 A N-1D Neutron, EG2C wolf 8002 Wolf
N-2 A N-2D Neutron, EJ3C wolf 8834 Wolf
N-6 A N-6D Neutron, SD4C wolf 6266 Wolf
N-8 A N-8D/N-8Dc Neutron,WDH/WD 4-5-6 wolf 7085 Wolf
N-9 BA N-9B1/N-9B2 Neutron,, NW8/NW10-AR wolf 101320 Wolf
N-10 A N-10G1/N-10G2 Neutron, FF2 wolf 3587 Wolf
N-11 A N-11G Neutron, HSG wolf 3017 Wolf
N-13 A N-13 G Neutron, GQ4 wolf Rw/1046  Wolf
N-14 A N-14G Neutron, GQ6 wolf 8933 Wolf
N-16 A AG7/AG9 wolf RW/1110(12621)  Wolf
N- 16BA NG7/NG9 Neutron,AG7/AG9/BR wolf 100507  Wolf
N- 20 A HS7 wolf Rw/1049  Wolf
N- 20 BA NS-7 Neutron, HS7 – BR wolf 101195 Wolf
N- 21 A N-21B Neutron, NWB wolf 5682 Wolf
N- 26 A Cobra NG7/Cobre NG9 Neutron,P57-91/P59-91(KPT) 728432 (KPT)
N- 27 A C-1 Neutron, CM4SA (Hitachi) Neutron/Hitachi
N- 33A PA-100N Neutron, PDA-100D Hitachi Neutron/Hitachi
N- 33BAA NP-D801 Neutron
N- 36 A NU-14 Neutron Neutron
N- 37 A C-7N Neutron, C7 Hitachi Neutron/Hitachi
N- 38 A P-20 N Neutron, P20SB Hitachi Neutron/Hitachi
N- 42 A N-20 Neutron, PB-20 Hitachi Neutron/Hitachi
N- 43 A ND-1285 Neutron, HD-1285 (KPT) Neutron/723433KPT
N- 46 A DU-10N/DU-10 Hitachi Neutron /
EIN-13/EID-13 Elextrex Hitachi /
EIN-10/EID-10 Elextrex Electrex
N- 47 A GN-2 Neutron

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