N10G1, Flexible Shaft Grinder (Single Speed/Double)
Specification N10G1 N10G2
Rated Voltage 235V 235V
Nature of Supply D.C & A.C. 50Hz D.C & A.C. 50Hz
Watts Input (Full load) 380 Watts 380 Watts
No Load Speed(Grinding) 12000 RPM 12000/1250 RPM
Full Load Speed(Grinding) 6410 RPM 6410/665 RPM
No Load Current 0.55 AMPS 0.55 amps
Full Load Current 1.75 AMPS 1.75 amps
Duty Cycle Rating 30.min. 30.min.
Approx.Net Weight 8.6 kg. 8.8 kg.
R1, Flexible Shaft Machine (1.5HP 5800 RPM)
H.P. 1.5
Supply 400/400V-3 ph. 50 cycles-A.C.
Speed 5800 RPM
Extra Acce 15mm x 2000mm Flexible Shaft assembly WH-15 Tool-Holder
R2, Flexible Shaft Machine (1 HP 12000 RPM)
H.P. 1
Supply 400/400V-3 ph. 50 cycles-A.C.
Speed 12000 RPM
Extra Acce 10mm x 1500mm Flexible Shaft assembly FH-10 Tool-Holder 6 mm Collet

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